Day Sixteen: Emotion is a great workout partner

Don’t just go through the “motion” of exercise. Put a little “E” in it—Emotion can

 be exactly what you need when doing today’s exercise. Give it a try. Put on some music, get your head on right, and decide to do today’s movement with purpose and emotion.

Straight Leg Deadlift – Stand with feet about shoulder with apart, and hold a barbell right against your legs. Keeping your knees straight, lower the bar towards the top of your feet, by bending at your hips. Lift the bar by extending your hips forward and up, until back at the starting position. Repeat for desired repetitions. 


TRAINING TIP: Your weight should shift back in to your heels slightly as you complete this movement. You should feel your hamstrings “fire” as you lower the bar down. Keep the barbell as close to your shins as possib

le throughout the entire movement.