Day Seven: Unfair Comparisons

In the fitness world, way too many people sabotage results by putting unrealistic expectations on themselves, especially in the gym. STOP! Just do what you can the best you can. Be consistent and watch what happens over time. It’s so freeing mentally to release these expectations. We’ll do some more legs today and if you are still sore from squats, go slow and easy, you’ll be fine.

Dumbbell Reverse Lunge- Hold two dumbbells by your sides. Step back with one leg, while bending the leg that’s in front. Plant the foot you stepped back with on the floor, and lower yourself until your knee is just above the floor. Return to the starting position by extending your hip and knee, and bringing your back leg up the to starting position. Repeat with your opposite leg. Alternate legs for desired number of repetitions.

TRAINING TIP: Don’t let your knee touch the ground.