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Spiritually Fit - $9.95
Spiritually Fit
Clark's book Spiritually Fit has been a source of inspiration to thousands over the years and an excellent resource to help you find and maintain balance in your life.
You Too Can Be A Fitness Model - $14.95
You Too Can Be A Fitness Model
Learn from the "pioneer" of the fitness model movement, Clark Bartram as he shares tips, insights and secrets of how to become a working fitness professional.
10 Mid Section Miracle Moves - $9.95
10 Mid Section Miracle Moves
This pdf e-book is an excellent tool to help you break out of a boring abdominal "routine". Clark shows you 10 of his favorite exercises that have helped him build a world class mid section.
Ab Myths and Misconceptions - $9.95
Ab Myths and Misconceptions
This pdf e-book will help dispel any myths or misconceptions you may have had regarding abdominal training. A must have for any fitness enthusiast.
Sixty Second Solution - $14.95
Sixty Second Solution
The Sixty Second Solution is the perfect program for even the busiest individual. The book has everything you need including 6 different nutritional programs.
Fat Burning Meals - $9.95
Fat Burning Meals
Just a simple resource of meals I researched on the net to help you with your fitness goals.