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2 HALF GALLONS - $34.99
2 half gallons
2 half gallons
This order comes with 2 - Half Gallon Bottles.

See the Priority 2 pack and 3 pack for Alaska & Hawaii.??If you want to get this order in 2-3 days, go the Special Priority 2 Pack Order for only $8.00 more.??This order comes with 2 - Half Gallon Bottles.?Each Half Gallon of 100% PURE LIQUID EGG WHITES are in an airtight, freezer safe plastic container. ??Contains about 7 dozen egg whites per 1/2 Gallon. ??Based on 1/2 cup servings for a 5 egg white omelet, each 1/2 gallon will give you at least 16 servings. Or eight, 8 ounce protein drinks, with 26g of pure protein per drink. ??Must be refrigerated at all times. Will stay good in your refrigerator for 3 to 4 months. Can be frozen indefinitely.