Clark Bartram has spent the past twenty years going in and out of prisons, high schools and basically anywhere they will have him come share his unique message of hope and encouragement. Clark's "bold" delivery cuts through any barriers that people tend to put up when listening to most speakers.


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Clark Bartram tops them all!


I have been a Physical Education teacher and football coach for 31 years.  Like all competitive coaches I want to win within the rules but ultimately measure myself and my teams by the life skills that we teach and the type of character we produce in our young men. 


I have heard countless big name speakers over the span of my career and many of them have been spectacular.  I will cut to the chase and say unequivocally that Clark Bartram tops them all.  Clark has a God-given gift to reach young men at their core, to speak to exactly where they are at in their journey.  He embodies passion, intensity, focus and a real love for the men he speaks to. 


Clark is a man’s man and is not afraid to challenge and confront young men with the truth about real masculinity.  I place a high level of responsibility on the men I allow to speak to my team.  I strongly endorse and believe in Clark Bartram and it has been my privilege to have him minister and mentor our young men.


Nick Ruscetta
Head Football Coach
Santa Fe Christian Schools




Clark Bartram works!

Since working with Clark, AMS Health Sciences has more than doubled our sales in less than one year.
I have had the privilege to hear Clark Bartram speak numerous times. The first thing I will say is that I never get tired of hearing Clark and always learn something that I can put into action every time he speaks.

Most "motivational speakers" have an agenda to see how many CD's, books, programs , that they can sell, or how much money they can take out of a group and put in their pocket. Clark has always been focused on how he can help your company and your people grow. That has always been his reward and the benefit of those that work with him.

Clark has the unique ability to connect with people. He is straight forward, honest and genuinely interested in truly making a positive difference in the life of others. Clark has made a big difference in improving my personal life and has done the same for thousands of others in our our organization.

Gary Hail
President & CEO

AMS Health Sciences/Saba