Here Comes The Judge


 The 1st Annual PowerTec Fitness and Model Show in Hollywood, Ca. event turned out to be a bigger success than anyone anticipated! "I was honored to be chosen as the head judge of such a well organized and professional event," says Clark. "The level of competition, the venue, the organization and everything made this the best show I've ever attended."


?Unlike traditional "fitness shows" there was no hope of a "pro card" (whatever that means) or there was no threatening of "if you compete with us, you can't compete anywhere else!" This was all about exposure to people who are looking to hire fitness talent and that is exactly what happened. Most everyone who entered left with an opportunity for work.


?"That's what it's all about," explains Clark. "There really shouldn't be anymore to it than that and it certainly shouldn't meant you are now 'not allowed' to participate elsewhere should you so choose."


If you are looking to get exposure, get your competitive frustrations out and possibly get some paying work be sure to check out this event next year.





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