Clark Bartram and Mike "Titan" O'Hearn team up for IronMan photo-shoot!!



"The energy on the set was indescribable, these two are like brothers that really enjoy each others company", says Anita Bartram. "I've known Mike for years and it amazes me how well these two get along as they could very well be 'competitors' since they both fight for the same thing...covers!


Seriously though they both really want to see the other succeed and that is what makes thier relationship really special. Mike actually called Clark and insisted that he be on this shoot with him, and Clark went as far as canceling a very important event so he could be there for him". 


"I haven't laughed out loud that much in a long time", said legendary physique photographer Michael Neveux. "These guys are clowns, but shredded clowns that can move some weight. When I shot Clark for his cover he showed up better than I've ever seen him in the 15 years I've been shooting him, and Mike...WTF, he looked better than ever too. I think Mike wanted to look better than Clark so he trained extra hard".



Look for this issue coming to a newsstand near you soon. It will feature Mike on the cover with a cover article detailing his illustrious career and his most recent movie project Alter Ego that is currently blowing up You Tube in weekly "webisodes".



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Batman says... (Reply)
"Holy That's ripped!" (2/25/14)